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Prototype & Short Run Stampings - Laser - CNC and More!

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What We Make


Terminals and Contacts - RF and EMI Shields - Brackets - Clamps / Clips - Housings - CNC Machining - Laser Cutting


Copper - Brass - Aluminum - Beryllium - Copper - Stainless Steel


Customer Service - Engineering and Tooling - Wire Edm, CNC and Laser - 80+ Forming Presses - Deburring and Polishing

Outside Services: Plating, Heat Treat, Passivate, More ..

Custom Packaging: Cell, Tray, Tape and Reel

Prototype & Short-run Stampings
Metal Fab - Laser - CNC a
nd More! 

At Newko, our customer service and our depth of in-house production resources contribute to making us the precision prototypes and short-run manufacturer of choice. Always trying to better satisfy our customers, we continue to invest in and expand our in-house capabilities.

We are powered by a passion for customer service, responsiveness,  reliability and our superior quality. Our team's 98 percent on-time delivery performance attests to our passion.

Newko consistently strives to create unique partnerships with you, the customer, to help you meet all your increasing business and manufacturing goals and challenges.

Whether you seek design assistance, rapid prototype development, short-run manufactured parts, or delivery commitments that you can count on, we are eager to play our part in helping you achieve your objectives. 

At Newko, we always treat every opportunity and customer objective with great integrity and with great personal care.


Scott Riddell

President & Owner

Scott Riddel - Newko Precision Prototypes & Short Run  

Phone at (847) 359-1670 or contact us at gc@newkogroup.com.

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