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Tooling Capabilities
Tooling Capabilities

In-House Tool Room — Simplified Tooling

Tooling and manufacturing that fit your needs and budget

Newko builds tools to meet the needs of your project. We use our experience to avoid underbuilt and overbuilt tools. This saves time and money while maintaining quality.

Newko builds all tooling in-house, in control

Standardized, simple, fast, affordable.

  • Blank Dies - Spring Stripper, Standardized
  • Wipe Dies - Spring Stripper, Standardized
  • Custom Form Dies - Standardized
  • Pierce Dies - Spring Stripper, Standardized
  • Coin Dies - Spring Stripper, Standardized

Experience that pays off

Over several decades, Newko has developed techniques that save time and money without sacraficing quality.

These standardized tools work in conjnction with our standardized Punch Presses, CNC Centers, Fiber Lasers, and Press Brakes. These standardizations result in reductions in tooling, lead-times and overall costs. 

You will never feel like you overinvested in prototype and short-run tooling.