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Wire EDM
Wire EDM

In-house wire capability means we
maintain schedule control

Wire EDM

Quality tooling starts with quality machine tools

Newko's Wire EDM machines are manufactured by G+F. G+F (Georg Fischer) is the combination of Agie and Charmilles, the two most respected names in the Wire EDM industry. 

Benefits of in-house wire EDM:

  • Schedule Control - Your projects are in Newko's, not that of an outside service.
  • Tool Revisions - Revisions require responsiveness. In-house means In Control.
  • Tool Repair - Tools repairs don't have time to wait in line. At Newko they won't.
  • Tool Development - Development can mean a lot of "In and Out". We're ready.

Applications of in-house Wire EDM:

  • Tool Making - Manufacture precision tooling for blanking and forming.
  • Tool Modification - Modify existing tooling to meet new revisions.
  • Create Parts - Create parts that are manufactured via Wire EDM precess.
  • Part Modification - Wire EDM is an excellent precision, process for modifying existing parts.

Machine Capabilities:

G+F machines hold close, consistent tolerances. They provide a smooth cutting finish and most importantly, they are reliable.

  • Cutting tolerances - +/-.00075"
  • Inside radii - .004"-.0065" depending on wire thickness 

Lead times range from the same day to just a few days.