Rapid Prototype, Short Run Stampings and More.

Customer Service & Information

From RFQ to shipping: We keep you on schedule and INFORMED

Our team knows the importance of producing quality parts, on-time. We also know that your production meetings are not very productive without information.

Standard confirmations and acknowledgements

RFQ Acknowledgment - A few minutes after it is received
Rapid Quote Turn-Around - 1 hr to 48 hrs. Let us know if it's hot! 
PO Acknowledgment -  A few minutes after it is received 
PO and Delivery Confirmation -  Daily, after 8 am production meeting 
Shipment Confirmation - Sent the day of the shipment 

Do you have a change to quantity, delivery or design? Or, do you just need an update?

  • Reach out by phone or email.
  • Newko is always ready to adjust to changes in your project or order requirements.
  • We can't always fully accommodate, but we will always do our best to keep you as a satisfied customer. 

Newko is here to help make all your projects go smoothly.