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Short-Run Stampings and Services
Short-Run Stampings and Services

Short-Run Metal Stampings

Get the tooling and process that fits your needs and budget

Short-Run Stampings and Services

Avoid unnecessary, expensive tooling and manufacturing costs

Our techniques provide for affordable, project-appropriate manufacturing approaches. Our tooling techniques provide low-cost flexability for revision changes. Our manufactuing process provide flexability for changes in quantity, material and lead-time.

Newko combines simplified tooling with simplified manufacturing processes:

  • Laser cut blank and form tools 
  • Simple blank die and form tools
  • Semi-prog die and form tools

Newko's short-run tooling and manufacturing process are designed to fit your manufacturing requirements. 

We take quality and quantity and budget into account when we create a manufacturing process. 

In-house, in control

  • Designs - In-house, simplifed, but robust
  • Tooling - In-house, standardized, robust, repeatability
  • Processing - In-house forming, coining, tapping and more
  • Parts - Contacts, Terminals, Lead frames, brackets, sheet metal fab, CNC...
  • Quantities - 100's - 100,000 annually
  • Plating & Heat Treat - Newko manages all outside services
  • Packaging - cell, tray, tape & reel, bag & box and more

Real experience meeting deadlines

We have been supporting short-run manufacturing requirements for over 40 years. We have developed and maintained many techniques that save time and money without sacraficing quality.