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Deburring and Polishing
Deburring and Polishing

Tumbling, Deburring, Polishing

In-house process means no waiting

Deburring and Polishing

Whether your parts are big sturdy steel parts or delicate small electronic parts, Newko will deburr or polish them in house, as desired.

In-house services

  • Rotary vibratory finishing - 5 Cu Ft, highly aggressive deburring machines
  • Rotary Vibratory Finishing - 3 Cu Ft medium aggressive deburring machines
  • Polishing/finishing spinner - Non-aggressige polishing/finishing machines
  • Time saver - Deburring and surface finishing
  • Rotary wheel - Rotary sanding, grinding and polishing wheels


Parts are process and inspected In-house.

Projects don't lose valuabe time by sitting in line at an outside service.