Rapid Prototype, Short Run Stampings and More.

Tumbling, Deburring, Polishing

In-house process means no waiting

Whether your parts are big sturdy steel parts or delicate small electronic parts, Newko will deburr or polish them in house, as desired.

In-house services

  • Rotary Vibratory Finishing - 5 Cu Ft, highly aggressive deburring machines
  • Rotary Vibratory Finishing - 3 Cu Ft medium Aggressive deburring machines
  • Polishing/Finishing Spinner - Non-Aggressige polishing/finishing machines
  • Time Saver - Deburring and Surface finishing
  • Rotary Wheel - Rotary Sanding, Grinding and Polishing wheels

Parts are process and inspected In-House.

Projects don't lose valuabe time by sitting in line at an outside service.