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Why Newko
Why Newko

From RFQ to Parts-In-Hand, we keep you informed and on-schedule.

Your Service and Satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do!

Rapid Quote Turn-Around: 1 hr to 48 hrs. Let us know if it's hot!
Rapid Lead-Times: 1-2 days to 3-4 weeks. We Expedite! 
Acknowledgment: RFQs & POs are Quickly Acknowledged. 
PO Confirmations: Confirmations are Quick and Include a Delivery Date 
98% On-Time Delivery! Deliverys are On-Time. Notifications are sent "Day of Shipment". 

Newko is here to help make all your projects go smoothly.

Project flexibility

We adapt to changes in your needs. We know that project requirements often change; quantity, delivery, material, even revision level. With manufacturing control due to in-house processing, we can quickly adjust to those changes. Our team has the mindset of meeting your project's changes and challenges.

On-time delivery

We continually invest in people, machinery, and processes. This means we always have a “Plan B.” We know that you can’t afford delays in production. Our people are cross-trained, and we have multiple machines for every task. We won’t let you down.

Selection of quality parts

Newko is proud to earn the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We make sure that we understand your quality needs and then, through our experience, our capabilities we provide parts and services that meet your expectations.

Risk mitigation for peace of mind

You can't afford to find out the hard way that your vendor has been operating on the edge. At Newko, risk mitigation is one of our strongest ongoing action items.

To avoid productivity slow-downs or shut-downs, Newko proactively manages risks that can threaten the flow of reliable manufacturing processes. We address these below essentials and a lot more:

Employee tenure, absenteeism adjustment, and high motivation
Our employees stick with us because we provide a strong compensation and secure benefits plans. Newko provides opportunities for advancement in responsibility and compensation. We provide a clean, safe, fair work environment and treat each other the way that we would like to be treated. Our turnover is very low and our team is very motivated. Your production risk is mitigated, both short-term and long-term.

Vacations, unexpected sickness, and family emergencies
We are prepared for occasions of employee sickness or vacation. We always have a cross-trained team member ready to fill in any gaps.

Equipment resource redundancy
Newko purchases and operates late-technology, quality-made manufacturing equipment. We own and operate minimum of two machines for every manufacturing task. We also maintain a meticulous machinery maintenance and repair policy.

Team cross-training
We cross-train operators for every skill from engineering, to programming, to machine operation, to Inspection, to packaging and shipping. Redundancy results in reliability.

Valued manufacturing partners
Our suppliers are our partners. Newko qualifies all vendors. We have developed vendor redundancy. We maintain healthy personal and economic relationships with our vendors. Challenges are resolved equitably and obligations never exceed 30 days. In return, we enjoy win/win relationships with our valued vendor base.

Facility stability
Our facility is "owner-occupied" and meticulously maintained. We have eliminated exposure to risks associated with facility volatility.

"Your willingness to go the extra mile with flexibility in expediting production and deliveries, helped to insure the success of the project."